Sometimes on your Flowsana invoice receipt, you may see a number of line items that look something like this:

The reason for these line items of adjustments is due to the way the Flowsana billing system works. 

Flowsana's billing charges you for a month in advance based on the number of Billable Users you have at your monthly renewal time. Then, during the subsequent month, it checks daily for changes in your number of Billable Users, and adjusts the amount of the next invoice based on those fluctuations, so that you are always only paying for the actual number of Billable Users.

As an example: say a customer receives the following receipt on Feb 14:

In other words, on Feb 14th they were charged in advance for 14 Billable Users for the following month of Feb 14 to March 14.

However, say that on Feb. 23, their number of Billable Users goes up from 14 to 15. (Billable Users can change for one of two reasons: the number of team members in teams having workflow-enabled projects changes, or workflows are added or removed from a team.) As a result, an adjustment is made to subtract the pro-rated charge for 14 users and add in a pro-rated charge for 15 users:

The net effect of the above two adjustments is an additional charge of $2.04, which is the pro-rated portion of the $2.99 monthly Billable User charge that runs from Feb 23 to March 14.