The basic rule is that only one Flowsana account is ever charged for a given Asana team or workspace.

By default, the account that gets charged is the first user that signs up for Flowsana which includes that team or workspace. However, this default can be overridden by Flowsana support, so let us know if you need it changed.

As an example to clarify, let's say that consultant Susan Smith has a client ABC International. ABC International creates a Flowsana account and sets up a Flowsana workflow in their Asana "Marketing" team. Then they invite Susan Smith to join that team in Asana, and she subsequently sets up a few more Flowsana workflows for them. In this case, ABC International will be charged for the users in that team because they were the first Flowsana account which included that team; Susan Smith will not be charged at all for that team since she was not first.

Conversely, let’s say that consultant David Dow has access to his client XYZ Corp's Asana organization; he creates a Flowsana account and sets up a workflow for them in their "IT" team. They like what they see and they sign up for Flowsana; their Flowsana account of course includes that team. In this case, David Dow would be set to be charged for the users in that team since his was the first Flowsana account created which included that team. Most likely this is not what either David or XYZ Corp wants, so he would contact us and ask to have that team's billable users transferred to be charged to XYZ Corp. We would of course confirm this with XYZ Corp, and then would make the switch.