Here is some information on our pricing and billing: How does Flowsana's pricing work?

Flowsana bills based on Billable Users. A Flowsana Billable User is an Asana user who's a member of a team that has Flowsana workflow-enabled projects. Let's say you have a Marketing team that has 10 Asana users who are members of that team. If you add Flowsana workflows to any projects in that team, you will have 10 Billable Users.

Flowsana User is an Asana user who will have their own profile in Flowsana and be able to create and see their own workflows. It is different from a Billable User, which is explained above. You may only have one or two Flowsana Users that create workflows, but more Billable Users.

We don't charge per Flowsana User, but rather per Billable User. This is because while a particular user may or may not be creating workflows in the Flowsana portal, if they participate in projects powered by Flowsana automation, then they are generally getting benefits from that automation.