Date Based Variable Substitution Phrases


{task.Custom field name}





How to Customize the Format of the Date

For the above date phrases, including date-type custom fields, Flowsana provides the ability to customize the format of the date.

By default, dates will be formatted into a format of mm/dd/yyyy, with a separator character of a slash (/) between the portions of the date. However, you can specify that you want a date in one of two alternate formats, dd/mm/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd. In addition, you can specify the separator character that you'd like to use between the portions of the date (or no separator).

To specify an alternate format and/or alternate separator, format your date phrase like this:


[desiredDate] is the name of the date field you want to replace with.

[format] is one of these allowable format letters:

      M for mm/dd/yyyy
      D for dd/mm/yyyy
      Y for yyyy/mm/dd
      S for yy (a short format which provides the last 2 digits of the year)

[separator] is the separator character you want to use. You can also omit this character for no separator.

Here are some examples:

      {task.dueDate, D/}

      Replace with the task's due date, using a format of dd/mm/yyyy

      {task.completionDate, M-}

      Replace with the task's completion date, using a format of mm-dd-yyyy

      {task.CreationDate, Y}

      Replace with the task's creation date, using a format of yyyymmdd