Flowsana provides the ability to duplicate or copy all of a project's rules over to another project, thus saving you the considerable time and effort of recreating the same rules in multiple projects.

Here is a step-by-step guide illustrating how to do this:

Wait a few minutes until you get an email that the project has been fully prepared by Flowsana. That’s it! Your rule-based automation will now be in effect.

Additional notes about rule duplication:

  • You can re-do a duplication operation from a given project to another project whenever you need to. When you re-do a duplication between two projects, Flowsana removes any existing rules you previously duplicated from that source project and then re-copies the rules. This means that if you add or remove rules over time, and want those updates to be applied to another project, you can simply re-copy whenever needed and not have to worry about having duplicate rules created.

  • When you duplicate a rule that has a section in its condition and/or action, Flowsana automatically knows to find the equivalent section of the same name in the destination project. If there is no section with that name in the destination project, it will send an email notifying you of that issue, and it does not copy that rule. To resolve the issue, create a section with the missing name in the destination project and then re-do the duplication operation.

  • For a user who is linked to another user's "admin" Flowsana account, their list of available projects to copy rules from will include workflows in the "master" user's account in addition to their own. An "Account" column will be displayed so they can easily see, and filter based on, whose account the projects are in.

  • Rule duplication only applies to rules that you created in the Flowsana web portal and are listed in your My Workflows list. Rules you created in Asana's rule builder that use Flowsana rule actions cannot be duplicated, because Asana has exclusive control over those rules.