Using Flowsana's If-Then Rules and Variable Substitution in Flowsana, you can create unique short IDs and unique short URL links for your Asana tasks. 

Short Id - creates a short numeric ID that is unique within the task's workspace/organization.

Short Link - creates a short URL, of a format like, that is unique and where the last number in the URL is the Short Id of the task.  

How do I create task Short Ids and/or Short Links?

You create Short Ids and Short Links for tasks in a project by creating a Flowsana rule where the Condition is  When a task is newly created  or  When a task is a new form submission.

To create the Short Id or Short Link as part of the task's name, use the  Modify the task's name to ______  rule action; to create it in a custom field, use the  Set the task's custom field ______ to ______  rule action. Most typically you will want to insert Short Ids in a task's name, and add Short Links into a text-type custom field. Do make sure that you use a text type custom field for this purpose and not a number type field.

Because these parameters are part of Flowsana's Variable Substitution capability, you can combine them with other characters or words. This is most useful when putting a Short Id into a task's name, because it allows you to, for example, prepend an abbreviation for the project to the ID number.

Let's look at an example of a rule creating Short Ids for tasks in a project. Say you have a project called Customer Work Orders, for which use use the abbreviation CW. You can create the following rule in that project:      

       > If a task is newly created, modify its name to  CW{task.ShortId}. {task.Name}

Subsequently adding a task named  Update the style on the About Us web page  to the project will cause Flowsana to set the task's name to look like:

      CW412. Update the style on the About Us web page

Here's another example with step-by-step instructions to create Job Numbers:

For Short Links, you would most commonly want to have those added into a text-type custom field. An example of a rule that would accomplish that might look like this:

      > If a task is newly created, set its custom field  Task Link  to  {task.ShortLink} Notes: 

  • Normally IDs for a workspace/organization begin with the numeral 1. However, if you would like your IDs to begin with a different starting number, send a request to specifying your desired starting number, and we can set that starting number for you.
  • For a Short Link be to created, the task name must be a minimum of three characters long.