How to Set Up Hashtag Automation

            How to enable Hashtag Automation for a project:  

            1. If you haven’t done so already,  create a Flowsana account here 

            2. After you’ve created an account and received an email that your account is set up, go to  My Workflows  on the Flowsana website.  Click  Add another Flowsana workflow .  Select the Hashtag Automation option.  From the dropdown list, select the project for which you want to enable hashtag recognition.  Click  Put Selected Project Under Flowsana Workflow 
              1. If your template isn’t in the dropdown list, click on  Add NEW projects from Asana  and wait a few minutes until you get an email that your projects list has been refreshed. 

            3. Wait a few minutes until you get an email that the project has been fully prepared by Flowsana.  That’s it!  Hashtags will now be recognized in that project. 

            If you have any questions about the above or any aspect of Flowsana, please don’t hesitate to email  support@flowsana.net .   

            Updated: 07 Aug 2019 07:45 AM
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