How to Set Up an Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow

            How to get started with an Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow: 

            1. If you haven’t done so already, create a Flowsana account here.

            2. After you’ve created an account and received an email that your account is set up, go to My Workflows on the Flowsana website.  Click Add another Flowsana workflow.  Select Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow.  From the dropdown list, select the project that you want to put under workflow control.  By default, Flowsana will adjust dependent tasks.  If you also want it to treat all subtasks like they are dependent tasks, check Treat Subtasks as Dependent Tasks.  Click Put Selected Project Under Flowsana Workflow.
              1. If your desired project isn’t in the dropdown list, click on Add NEW projects from Asana and wait a few minutes until you get an email that your projects list has been refreshed.

            3. Wait a few minutes until you get an email that the project has been fully prepared by Flowsana.  That’s it!  You can now change task due dates and watch Flowsana adjust its dependents/subtasks accordingly.

            Important note: Flowsana calculates date changes using exclusively working days, i.e. weekdays. Weekends are always skipped/ignored.  Also, if a due date for a task is ever calculated to land on a Saturday or Sunday, Flowsana instead puts it on the following Monday.  So when shifting task dates, you never have to worry about a task being due on a weekend.

            If you have any questions about the above or any aspect of Flowsana, please don’t hesitate to email support@flowsana.net.  

            Updated: 07 Aug 2019 07:46 AM
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